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​Edible Oil Activation Apparatus



The electrode plate can be easily removed from the main unit.

This product is designed to reduce the cost of oil and electricity used for frying potatoes and other fried foods.

The principle of this product is that an electrode is inserted into the oil in the fryer and a large amount of negative electricity is applied to the oil, preventing the electronic bonding of the edible oil molecules and thereby slowing down oxidation.

  The electrodes also make the temperature of the oil higher than that of normal oil by passing electricity through them, which makes the oil fluffier and tastier in a shorter frying time.

In Japan, the product has been sold to more than 10,000 stores, and according to the feedback from customers who have actually used the product, it has reduced costs by more than 40%.


​Japan Technology

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Mr.Crispy Installation diagram

​Easy to use

Place the electrode in the fryer oil.
just turn on the switch.
When you use the fryer
turn it on.
The rest is just the same. It's that easy.
It's a weak current with a maximum of 1㎃.
It is safe during frying operations.
The electrode plate can be easily removed from the main unit.
The electrode plate can be easily removed from the main unit Maintenance and cleaning are easy.

​Major Clients

​Cost reduction effect (Example)

Successfully reduced by 38,500 yen
Approximately 40% reduction in ministry

​Customer Voice


A certain Tempura factory

In the past, we had tested an anti-oil oxidation device using a transformer, but the fryer's gauges went haywire and we suffered tremendous damage. We decided to use Mr. Crispy because we found it to be more effective than catalog sales.


As a result, we decided to adopt Mr. Crispy. As a result, we were able to reduce the amount of cooking oil used in our two 350-liter continuous automatic fryers by more than half, resulting in a significant cost reduction.

We are currently using a digital measuring device to measure oil deterioration, but with the use of the edible oil anti-oxidation device Mr. Crispy, the deterioration value is kept low even if the oil is used for a long time, and surprisingly, oil smoke and oil smell in the factory have been dramatically reduced, improving the working environment and making all staff happy.

In addition, the oil runs clear and the crispiness of the products is maintained, which we like very much.

We take our hats off to Mr. Crispy for its excellent effects.


Q:Can it be used in combination with a filtration system?

A:Yes, it can. A filtration system is effective in removing blackened oil. With Mr.Crispy, the oil becomes more transparent, and the oil passes through the filter more easily. This has a synergistic effect of reducing the time required for filtration. We highly recommend using a filter to remove dirt and Mr.Crispy to prevent oxidation.

Q:How much is the electricity bill for Mr.Crispy?


A:It is about 5 to 10 yen per month per unit when used 24 hours a day.In Japan
It is a product with surprisingly low power consumption.

Q:How many tanks can the fryer support?

A:There are models with different outputs depending on the number and capacity of fryers. Some models can handle one tank and some can handle up to two tanks with a single unit. For large automatic fryers, the number of units can be increased according to the capacity.

Q:Is there any danger in using electricity?

A:Cooking oil is inherently an insulator, so there is no risk of electric shock through the oil with the electrode plate in the oil. Even if the electrode plate should come into contact with the oil while it is being energized, the maximum current is as low as 1mA, so there is absolutely no risk to the human body.

Q:I tried a similar device that uses electricity to make oil last longer in the past, but I could not understand its effectiveness. What is the difference between the Mr.Crispy and the other devices?


A:Mr.Crispy is the only device that can load only negative direct current into oil. The fact that only negative current is used means that the number of electrons that inhibit oxidation is overwhelmingly large. Many of our customers have told us that they have tried different products before with no effect, but with Mr.Crispy, they can clearly see the difference. They are not the same. Please give it a try.

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